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Self Assessment

So you've done all your session planning in advance, got to the venue in good time to go through your safety checks, the players have arrived and you've had your training session.  How did it go?


This is a question you should ask yourself after every training session.  Self reflection and assessment are important if you want to improve as a Coach.  It's all well and good turning up and putting on a session but if we have weaknesses we should try to identify them and improve our performance rather than making the same mistakes time after time.

We appreciate that there may not be time to sit down and ponder for hours about every facet of the session but a Coach should at least be asking themselves the following:

- What was the best part of the training session?  Why did that part specifically go well?  What can I learn from that?

- What was the least successful part of the training session?  Why didn't it go so well?  What can I do to improve that aspect of the session?

- Was my pre-planning adequate?

- Did my selection of drills and activities match the age group and ability level of players I was coaching?  Was it too hard?  Too easy?  Did it challenge them to an appropriate level?

It is very likely that you will find numerous things you could have improved in each session and that is fine.  Don't beat yourself up about the things that haven't gone as well as they could.  It's not the end of the world.  Just learn from your mistakes and do better next time!

I am here just to learn, to improve, to help my team improve.

Pep Guardiola

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