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The central aim of this course is to provide an introduction to Christian football ministry and to provide a solid foundation for those wishing to develop a football ministry within their own church or community.  Designed by the team at international sports charity Onside Soccer, the course looks at football ministry from a practical perspective (planning training sessions, putting on events, coaching techniques, etc.) but also looks at mentoring and sports from a Biblical perspective.


The certificate will be made up of four main modules, with the first module a short introduction to the course and to Onside Soccer.  The remaining three more detailed modules should take approximately 8-10 hours to complete.  Once all four modules have been finished a certificate will be issued.  Details of how to obtain your certificate are available at end of each module.  Modules are, however, designed to be 'stand alone' learning opportunities and can be completed in isolation from one another.

Module 1 - Background

1.1  What is football/sports ministry?

1.2  Onside Soccer

1.3  Onside Training Programme

1.4  Onside Goals Programme

1.5  Health and Safety

1.6  Child Protection

Module 2 - The Coach

2.1  The characteristics of a good coach

2.2  Onside Coaching Philosophy

2.3  Leading by Example

2.4  Session Planning

2.5  Presentation Styles

2.6  Self Assessment

Module 3 - The Event

3.1  Event Types

3.2  Planning a Summer School

3.3  Planning a Tournament

3.4  Testimony Delivery

3.5  Long Term Projects

3.6  Event Assessment

Module 4 - The Bible







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