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Session Structure - Warm Up Games

The 'Initial Phase' of the training session lasts for approximately 25 minutes and is divided into two part: the Warm Up and the Working Block.  This initial part of the training session is of fundamental importance in setting out our objectives for the rest of the session. 


During Warm Up the players are allowed to play in free or themed exercises, focusing on running with the ball or control, combined with activities involving motor skills.  The Warm Up must contain a fun element to create a positive mindset in the players which allows the coach to get the most out of them in the activities to follow.

For younger players in particular, arriving after a long day at school, it is important to give them some freedom to run about and play so that they can then focus in the more structured part of the session.  Our Warm Up lets the players run about and is used to unleash their enthusiasm and energy.  Structure is limited in this block. 

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