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As a coach one of our minimum requirements for turning up at a training session is to have a plan in place for what we are going to do.  We need to know in advance some basic information like:

- what time the training session will start

- the location and how to get there

- the age group of players we will be coaching

- what equipment we will need

- how long the session will last

- if we will have anyone else helping/leading

For the actual training segment we also need to have a structure as to what we are going to do:

- what is the theme of the session?

- how will the session be structured? (i.e. will we start with a warm up? ball mastery? a small sided game? etc.)

- how can we progress the session?

- how can we measure if training was a success?

- how can we reflect on our own performance?

As we work through the course we will study session planning in much more detail but these are some concepts to start thinking about.

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