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Commitment to what  you are doing is vital if you are going to be a good coach.  No matter what age group or ability level you are coaching you are a leader and people are depending on you to show up, to be prepared, to do a good job and develop them as players.  It takes a certain amount of dedication to your role to achieve these basic targets but, as an Onside Coach, this is the very minimum we expect of you.  There are, of course, situations in life where things happen that require our attention at the last moment but, broadly speaking, if we are involved in a coaching  role we need to be prepared to turn up on time for every session, have a structured coaching plan in place and know our role for the day, be enthusiastic and to give 100% effort.  It is unacceptable to miss training sessions for no good reason or to be unprepared.


Our players are depending on us and looking at us as role models and it is very important that we set a good example.  If we can't be committed then why on earth would we expect our players to be any different?  By showing commitment to what we are doing we place ourselves in a position of authority to demand commitment from our players and we also gain their respect.  It is important to keep in mind that while we may have areas of weakness in coaching it is very difficult to be critical of someone who is consistently present, putting in the effort and doing their best.  We all have shortcomings as coaches but commitment is something within our control. 

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