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Having a degree of patience and tolerance as a coach is important.  It is also important to have a sense of humour.  For the most part we will be working with younger players and it will quickly become apparent that at times, through no fault of our own, things can go wrong.  We may have planned a training session and, for no seemingly good reason, it doesn't work out as planned.  We may have more or less players than we anticipated.  We may feel that there is a lack of concentration amongst our players or that there is a lack of effort.  In all circumstances it is always worth keeping in mind that there are many reasons why things may not work out as anticipated.  It is possible that we may be dealing with elite academy players but most grass roots coaching is carried out with children and young people from all environments and circumstances.  We don't know what may be going on in the life of a young person who comes along to our session.  They may be experiencing family difficulties or problems at school or they may just be having a bad day.

Whatever is happening in the session, try to be patient and calm.  It is important to remain in control of the session and not to tolerate bad behaviour but is also important to have a balance, to take things in our stride and to keep a positive outlook.

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