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Good Character 

This is particularly important for us here at Onside Soccer, that our coaches are of good character.  It is possible to have all of the other characteristics outlined but without good character they are of limited value.  So what do we mean by 'good character'?  In simple terms we feel that good character encompasses, amongst other things, honesty, integrity and the ability to 'do the right thing' even when no-one else is watching.  We feel that all of the other characteristics mentioned flow from good character.

It may be a surprise that we have chosen good character over perhaps having a Christian faith.  We have two reasons why we felt that good character, in this context, was more important:

1. this section of the course focuses mainly on the attributes which make us good coaches.  Having a religious belief of any kind does not necessarily make us any better in terms of actual coaching.  It may be something that sustains us on a personal level but ultimately a religious belief won't make you a tactical genius or a more gifted trainer. 

2. although Onside Soccer is a Christian sports ministry and we would love all of our coaches to follow Christ we are not so naive as to think that just because someone claims to be a Christian that they automatically 'tick the box' of good character.

As an organisation all that we ask is that anyone who wishes to coach as part of our community respect our beliefs and our values.

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